The Taylor Series

I’m beginning to feel like there is more to know than I will ever have time for…during our study session last week I also realized that my Taylor series knowledge was pretty rusty. I wanted to write a very short post on how the Taylor series is derived to help me remember it in case I get asked in the exam.

The basic concept of a Taylor series is that you can approximate any function as a sum of length n of the function’s n-th derivatives [1]-[3]. The approximation will, theoretically, be a perfect match if n is equal to infinity [1]-[3]. The Taylor series can be used to approximate the function at a chosen point x = c [1]-[3]. The coefficient is chosen to cancel out the coefficients of the derivatives [1]-[3].

The general expression for a Taylor series is given below [1]-[3].

Eqn 1


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Written on September 30, 2019