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This index groups my posts by themes so you can find what you are looking for more easily. The themes are listed here at the top - choose your theme to find the posts that fall under that category.



Reading Papers

Short summaries on papers I read for fun and learning.

CS Coding Interview

Posts on topics that are commonly tested in a coding interview.

MolGAN Work

Posts related to the 2018 paper by De Cao and Kipf on MolGAN, a graph GAN that generates novel molecules.

The Silver Challenge

Daily reflections on the RL course taught by David Silver.

The Grad Student Meta-Game

Skills I am learning while in grad school.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Topics

Posts that I wrote to teach myself about ideas in ML and AI.

Variational Autoencoders


Review of Entity Abstraction

Probabilistic Graphical Models

Time Series Forecasting

Computing Tools

DNA Nanotechnology

For someone who works with DNA, I know an embarassingly small amount about this amazing molecule. Read these to learn the basics and maybe even some cool stuff about DNA nanotechnology.

Control Theory

PhD Qualifying Exam

Advanced Topics in Controls

Robot Kinematics and Dynamics

Social Issues

Posts written while contemplating various social issues.


I couldn’t fit these posts into any other category.